Senior Club Champs 2019 Winners

By rathgartennis, Friday, 11th October 2019 | 0 comments
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Dear Member,

This year's Club Championships was a great success.

It attracted 119 entries in 16 events with a serious amount of quality tennis.

After 10 days of competition, here are the winners:


Men's Singles A: Matthew Dillon

Men's Singles B: Dan Holland

Mens Singles C: Donncha Keogh

Woman's Singles A: Annika Quinn

Woman's Singles B: Marina Curran

Woman's Singles C: Ciara Keogh

Men's Doubles A: Matthew Dillon/Hugh McGrane

Men's Doubles B: Mark Deane/Gary Jackson

Men's Doubles C: Mick Fitzgerald/Eddie McNally

Women's Doubles A: Joanne Lonergan/Zoe O'Hara

Women's Doubles B: Anna Hanley/Rose Hanley

Women's Doubles C: Barbara McGovern/Rose Ward

Mixed Doubles A: Matthew Dillon/Kate Moore

Mixed Doubles B: Ryan Hanley/Rose Hanley

Mixed Doubles C: Felipe Acuna/Eimear Nolan

Tennis Express: Liz Fitzpatrick/Nevenka Smith

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