Teen Tennis


There’s lots happening for teens in Rathgar, catering for a variety of standards and interest levels.  We encourage all teens to come down to the club regularly to participate in the various events or just to have a hit.  As well as improving your tennis, it is an opportunity to meet other members of the club. 

In the longer term, we would like to see as many as possible of our teens moving into the Senior section of the club.  If there is any aspect of the teen programme you would like to find out more about or if you would like to discuss your individual situation please feel free to contact Karlon 087 233 0749.


So far this year teens have actively participated in:

·       Coaching

·      DLTC Junior and Senior leagues

·       Inter Club matches

·       Senior Progressive Doubles

·       Senior Club championships

·       Open tournaments 


We also have an active TEEN TENNIS LADDER which opens at certain times in the year.










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